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Award – Winning Developer

Since 2003, Mstar has been celebrating the highest levels of achievement in architecture, design, and quality.

Product Excellence

Mstar is committed to meticulous craftsmanship and exceptional quality of every product.

Fully Integrated

Mstar provides a complete end-to-end solution with specialist consultancy services.

We welcome you to become apart of Mstar family

Now a chance to experience high-end home, Condo, townhome in American and European style at the price that you can afford.

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How does quality of life improve under the concept of For Greater Well-being?



Mstar Property offers design from top world-renowned architects and interior designers to give you a larger and more luxurious living space that will perfectly meet your desires. Every section of your dream home will be designed in a warm and cozy environment that will connect the relationship of all family members. Our home designs are filled with full activity in mind. Your dream home will make you want to spend most Of your time at home. You and your family will enjoy the inspiration surrounding you In your high-end luxury home.



We know that innovation is important, so our homes are built with high-end systems that will help make your life easier, together with safety and comfort. You will enjoy living in a luxury environment with advanced systems that have never been enjoyed in homes before.



Quality is our first priority. We build luxury homes, and we know what it takes to create luxury. We use high-end materials and home décor to give our customers the feel of luxury. Our products are guarantee for life. We want our customers to enjoy every second of their hard-earned money while staying in our community and enjoying their last and only home.



We not only build homes, but we take our after-service very seriously. We want to be a part of your family, and we want you to get the best service around. We ready to give you the best service throughout your life time, and we want you to feel that every penny you spend with us is worth it.

We build the most beautiful home that fit your tastes​

Emperor Grand View Apricus

Single house in the heart of Krabi Province that combines modern style and elegance perfectly through creations specially selected to reflect your truly luxurious lifestyle. This home is built on an enviable location, only 2 min away from Krabi International Airport, next to the ocean, and less than 10 min to the Andaman Sea. You will enjoy the most luxurious home built by the top architect and designer who will give you large living space a cozy environment. The entire community is built with full amenities that will give you and your family warmth and extra security.

Starting at 9 Million Dollar

Emperor Grand View Oasis

A truly luxurious home in the Province of Krabi, a tourist destination. Our home was designed by the high-end world-renowned architect and designer. Every corner of the home is designed to give you wide open space. Your dream home backyard is attached to the canal ocean. You can park your boat in your backyard and take your family on a boat trip from the comfort of your own home. Our home is built with full activity in mind, so your family can enjoy the best and most luxurious home that ever was built in Thailand. We use high-end materials and professional home builders to give you the most luxurious home at an affordable price. The home is surrounded by strictly high-end luxury and high security.

Starting at 9 million Dollar

Emperor Grand View Elysian

Mstar Property was built on the concept of creating high end luxury homes in Thailand. We work with the world-renowned architects and designers to help give you the most luxurious, high-end home ever built in Thailand. Mstar Property sees the importance of creating luxury homes that everyone dreams about. We purchase the best land location in prime areas next to the international airport and next to the sea canal to give your family the most valuable time together. You and your family will not only enjoy living in the high-end luxury home, but also enjoy the high quality workmanship and advanced technology that is put into the home. We carefully put details into every space of our homes to give our customers the feel of luxury. ​

Starting at 9 Million Dollar

We build customs Luxury home at the price you can afford

We are a one-stop service company from architecture, engineer, builder, interior designer and real estate marketing firm. We have more than 550 qualified construction workers that we control.

Mstar Property Mission

We build what you love best !!

With over 20 years of experience and hundreds of project Globally. Mstar Property is widely recognized as the leading property developer of high quality house, Townhomes, Condominium, and luxury resort and hotel.















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